Cheese and Chilli Festival
Cheese and Chilli Festival

What is the Cheese & chilli festival?

The Cheese & Chilli Festival, a unique event held across the south of England, approached us with a mouth watering vision – to create a paradise for cheese and chilli fans in the UK.

What we did...

Held across five different locations across five different weekends, The Cheese & Chilli Festival wanted to turn up the heat on their social media platforms and showcase their offerings, locations and that they’re foodie heaven for family, friends and the dog!

We set out to create a campaign that would leave the audience craving more. With our strategic approach, we turned up the heat with sizzling event marketing, delectable content creation, and a unique tone of voice that left followers hungry for tickets.

Our posts, stories, and countdowns teased taste buds, resulting in ticket sales reaching a simmering hot level. We whipped up a feast for the eyes with visually appealing content, from gooey melted cheeses to fiery chilli-eating contests, creating a consistent and drool-worthy online presence. But we didn’t stop there.

We spread the festival’s flavour offline with leaflet creation, attracting local communities and food enthusiasts who may not be as active on social media. Our campaign was a recipe for success, bringing in a diverse audience and ensuring that everyone could get a taste of the fun.

In the end, our social media campaign was a scrumptious success, leaving the festival’s audience wanting seconds and making The Cheese and Chilli Festival the cheesiest and spiciest event of the year!

Cheese & Chilli Festival
Cheese & Chilli Festival@cheeseandchillifest
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I'm loving Social Shack's work! They've taken the stress off my plate and created some amazing graphics that perfectly capture our festival's vibe. I highly recommend their creative and professional services to anyone who wants to up their social media game!

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