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Here at Social Shack, we love to support ambition. If you’re a small business looking to level up, then our start-up package is here to help. We passionately believe in entrepreneurship and want to be on the side of success. Whether you’ve just started a business or are looking to give your current brand a bolster, Social Shack can help.


Our curiously creative team are on hand to work with you to produce some truly delicious content. Whether it’s mouth-watering photography, stomach-rumbling recipe videos or graphics that rise to the occasion, we’ll work with you to craft top-quality results.


Reports are social media’s secret ingredient! Success comes down to more than just sales- think analytics! We’ll monitor what is and what isn’t working to prepare future content that keeps your metrics sizzling.


Cooking up some crisp copy is another one of our specialities. We’ll work alongside your brand to create the right wording that will connect with your audiences and bring everything together.


Social Media Management

Staying on top is staying ahead. We’ll push your brand in the right direction with a strong social media presence, high-quality scheduled posts and meaningful interactivity. One effective social media strategy coming right up!

Website Management

First impressions are everything. From the ground up, your site should reflect your brand, loud and clear. Getting it right can be tough, but we’re the experts so you don’t have to be. We’ll help you set up shop to make direct sales and turn leads into results.

Email Marketing

Emails are one of the top ways to raise brand awareness and keep your products on your customers’ minds. We create workflows that do just that- work. Get closer to your customers and keep them in the loop with all the exciting things you’ve been up to!

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whY us?

We Understand The platform

Here at Social Shack, we understand what a business needs to do to achieve success across platforms. Knowing the ins and outs of what each platform wants from you means that we can show your brand from all angles, and your customers can see the best of you.

We understand you as a brand owner

We know it can be difficult to run a business and market it successfully simultaneously. Your online marketing strategy should be helping you and your business to grow, not impeding it. That’s why we’re here to take some of that pressure off your hands!

We want to give you peace of mind and time to think about where you want your brand to go. We’ll help your business to flourish while you get back to more of the fun stuff you were doing when you started the business!

We understand the Customers

Your customers love you and so do we!

Customers are the most important aspect of a business- it’s the whole reason you do what you do! Social Shack will support your relationship with your customers and keep them engaged and excited about your brand. You’ve got a whole lot more to show them and we’ll get their eyes on y