Lunar Ladies

Who are Lunar Ladies?

Lunar Ladies is a brand that produces an all-natural vitamin supplement using St Lucian Sea Moss. They create Sea Moss Gels and drinks that contain 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs, and that promote numerous health benefits.

What we did...

Lunar Ladies produces an organic, vegan, and gluten-free product that aims to promote holistic healing and natural remedies.

However, their online presence was in need of rejuvenation, even though their product could revitalise the bodies of many.

Lunar Ladies had an amazing concept, but they were struggling to stand out from the competition. They knew they needed to refresh their branding to truly showcase Lunar Ladies’ potential to their target audience. They say ‘Time heals all’, but Lunar Ladies had a short time frame and Earth’s own medicine in hand.

What they needed was… Social Shack!

We developed a branding strategy that would differentiate the brand from competitors, capture the attention of the target audience, and propel Lunar Ladies into a wider audience pool.

We created graphics and illustrations that showcased the organic and natural aspects of the product, incorporating ocean visual motifs to relate to the seaweed’s origin. The online platform was also updated with vibrant colours, and the feed proudly showcased “Organic-Vegan-Gluten-Free”, ensuring that customers knew exactly what they were getting. By focusing on branding and social media, we successfully elevated Lunar Ladies to new heights.

Our strategic rebranding effort ensured that their Sea Moss products were seen by the right audience.

By understanding the importance of branding and social media, we were able to reposition Lunar Ladies into a highly successful and much-valued brand.

Lunar Ladies
Lunar Ladies@lunarladies_seamoss
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Our favourite thing about social shack is communication and the professional relationship we have built. We feel like you have listened to us and treated our brand as if it were yours!

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