Shirley’s Jollof Paste, a West African-influenced cooking paste, based in Britain, aimed to minimise cooking time and revolutionise the Western market with traditional African culinary dishes and flavours.

What we did...

Shirley’s Jollof Paste approached us with a craving …

A craving for a broader reach and raising awareness of the brand as well as sharing the endless possibilities that African flavours can give to the Western world.

Shirley’s Jollof Paste wanted to undergo a rebrand to revitalize their brand image, improve their engagement, and increase their customer base.

Their objective was to produce a fresh and modern look that remained true to the brand’s heritage and values and to enlighten Britain about the wonders of Jollof. Shirley’s Jollof paste had an amazing physical presence, attending markets and creating a personal relationship with every customer she came across, it was appreciated but failed to translate their welcoming attitude online…but with our help, they’re now ‘plating’ up their online persona with just as much gusto! 

We cooked up some amazing graphics that reflected Shirley’s West African roots, reminding customers of the rich and flavourful culture behind the brand. With bold colours and designs, the new look and feel satisfied Shirley’s cravings, while our simple recipes and clear communication, fulfilled the digital desires of their growing consumers.

And that’s why socials are a dish served best by us!

Shirley's Jollof
Shirley's Jollof@shirleysjollofpaste
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Just wanted to say that the imagery and content on our socials are so on point. The quality is great as well as the overall feel. Really appreciate the work thus far.

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