Why Social Analytics are so Important for your brand!

Why Social Analytics are so Important for your brand!

Analytics are so Important for your brand!

Social media metric tracking is hard… We know! Yet analytics are so important to understand what’s going right and what is potentially going very wrong in your brand’s social media strategy. It’s a lot of jargon and numerical terms- not necessarily what you want if you beginner trying to understand analytics for your brand.  

We want to simplify it and get back to basics, hoping that you will come out with (almost) the same amount of knowledge we have. 🧐 

Firstly, what actually are analytics? 

Social media analytics is the collection and analysis of data that can help you measure and understand your performance on social media. These metrics will help you assess your marketing strategy, and how customers are responding to your strategy.  

Tracking analytics involves looking at likes, shares, and comments, as well as peak posting times, content views, hits, and reach. In other words, there are numerous ways of tracking and evaluating your metrics: 

  • Awareness: Looking at who is your current audience and who could potentially be your audience. 
  • Follower growth: The total number of new followers on your social media account. This helps you to understand how many people are engaging with your brand 
  • Engagement: Details how audiences are interacting with your content and campaigns. Interactions such as likes, shares, and comments indicate your content is valuable to your audience. 
  • Conversion: Evaluates the effectiveness of your social engagement. For instance, if website clicks are converting to website sales. 
  • Consumer: How your active customers feel about your brand. Do you excite your audience? Soothe them? What effect does your brand have? 
  • Types of posts: This involves tailoring your content to different platforms depending on how it connects with your audience and its performance on each platform. For example, video content might flourish on Instagram, whereas written posts work better on LinkedIn. 
  • Top Performing Posts: Analysing the metrics on your posts will tell you which are receiving maximum engagement and will help you map out a more successful strategy. 

Now that you can see what aspects of your strategy are working, you may need to amend your approach to meet your social media goals. If your goal is to increase your following, then metrics that track engagement, such as follows and shares are the ones to keep an eye on. If your goal is to boost sales, then look at conversion-based metrics. 

Thankfully for us, there are various social media analytics tools that exist to crunch the numbers for you, as well as create reports to share with your team or your clients so that you can figure out where you’re succeeding and where you’re not.  

Here at Social Shack, we use SocialPilot.

SocialPilot creates reports for different brands and different platforms. As a result, you can get into the nitty-gritty analytic details. 

Here’s an example of In the Buff protein ketchup’s Instagram posting performance: 

analytics for your brand

As you can see, SocialPilot showcases the percentage increase (or decrease😬), so you can evaluate how the brand is performing online. SocialPilot reports include analytics for different content forms such as reels and stories. Additionally, it separates the different socials you have connected to the programme, such as Facebook and Twitter, which allows you to tailor your approach to the individual platforms. From this data, we would examine what is working, and what needs to be improved, and adapt our strategy accordingly. 

analytics for your brand

To demonstrate another metric, this chart details when followers are most active. Following this, we would adapt our posting schedule to reach the highest number of followers possible. 

It’s important to listen to what the analytics is telling you. Social media strategy is all about evolving to your audience, who can often be a shifting target. One plan does unfortunately not fit all! 

In summary, there’s a lot about analytics to wrap your head around. As a social media and digital marketing agency, we at Social Shack are all over analytics and tracking different metrics, with the aim to constantly develop and to re-strategise what works best for a brand and save your mind from boggling! 

Want to know more about Social Shack? Then click here to get to know us!  

We’re a super friendly team who wants to get the best out of your brand! If you’re looking to kickstart your brand’s online presence, or just really need a refresh, then get in touch today ✏ 

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