Jump on these Simple Autumn Trends for 2022!

Jump on these Simple Autumn Trends for 2022!

Who’s ready for Autumn?🍁 We sure are! Let’s get into some Autumn Trends.

Once summer is over and your BBQ is back in the shed, most people seem to get straight into Christmas mode- When is too soon to watch Elf? Is it actually going to snow this year? But before you hang up your stockings, (as much as we know you want to) let’s take a moment to slow down, and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

Granted, Autumn in the UK isn’t always as picturesque as it is in some other parts of the world (I’m having flashbacks to soggy leaves and drizzly rain). But it can be a beautiful season, full of golden hues, cuddly coats, and cosy coffees.

Due to the fact that social media reflects our life, here are the online trends we think you’ll be seeing everywhere:

1. Home Comforts and Interiors 🏠

First, let’s get cosy! This season is about to get snuggly. We’ve all heard of Hygge, the untranslatable Danish word for the general feeling of cosy contentment. Furthermore this Autumn, like many before, we’ll be seeing it everywhere. As a result of this expect lots of comfortable interiors and thick knitted blankets to keep you snug as a bug as you watch the days get darker and colder from the comfort of your window😌


Autumn Trends - Autumnal Interiors

2. Witchy Vibes ✨

I’ll cast a spell on you! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no surprise Autumn sees a surge in the darker “Witchy” aesthetic on apps like TikTok. But it’s not just superficial. There’s a genuine growing interest in the occult, witchcraft, crystals and tarot readings, coupled with the themes of Cottagecore and Naturecore- it’s the Autumnal version of wearing a floaty dress in a field of flowers.

One thing is for sure- in other words, this Autumn we will see lots of spooky goings on🧙‍♀️


Autumn Trends - Witchy Vibes

3. Feeding the Coffee Addiction 💘

Had enough of Pumpkin Spice? Do you feel like an outcast for not fancying another one of Starbucks’ iconic seasonal lattes? Fear not! Presently there’s notably a lot more out there. This season will see an emergence of different spiced drinks to warm you up from the inside. People are always searching for the next delicious drink to get excited about (which are equally important)- think chai teas, maple & pecan coffee, spiced apple lattes and plenty more autumnal beverages to enjoy (every so often) ☕ 

What will be your new favourite?


Autumn Trends - Chai Tea

4. Self Care Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays… 📅

As the sun disappears, it’s natural to feel under the weather. Shorter days and a colder season mean it’s so much easier to stay inside in the warm than venture out into the cold world outside your door. But as we all know, staying indoors more can impact your well-being. It’s easier for coughs and sneezes to spread, you don’t get as much feel-good Vitamin D as you should, and the dry air can wreak havoc on your skin.

Therefore this Autumn, we’ll be seeing more tips to keep your body and your mind feeling tiptop, with creators sharing their advice on how to chase the winter blues away and stay healthy🤗


Autumn Trends - Self care

What social media trends do you think we’ll be seeing this Autumn? Let us know!

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